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To start with, FRETPAL has a FULLY INTERACTIVE interface.

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Navigating your way through scales, modes, chords, inversions and arpeggios has never been easier.

Thanks to FRETPAL’s rapid inter-connectivity and highly intuitive design, you can easily find any diatonic musical element that you want anywhere on the entire guitar fretboard within a few clicks.

Forget constantly returning to time-consuming and confusing drop-down menus for alternatives – every screen in the FRETPAL app displays multiple alternatives – typically available to view within one single click.

You can also forget apps which use limited algorithms that pump out the same tired box patterns that you can find EVERYWHERE else over and over again.

Instead, FRETPAL will instantly give you access to many new diagonal scale and mode patterns with multiple positions and variations over the entire fretboard – all of which can be accessed within no more than a few clicks.

Most of these patterns you will probably never have seen, or even thought about before.

Let me ask you –

Are you stuck playing vertical box patterns for scales and modes?

If you are, I bet you are fed-up playing the same runs and licks over and over again, and as a result, everything you play ends up sounding more or less the same?

You’re not alone.

This is a very common problem with many guitarists – and it can often bring their journey as a guitar player to a dead-end. 

However, the solution to the problem is simple.

You don’t have to resign yourself to being an average or mundane player…

The FRETPAL app reveals a whole shed-load of fantastic diagonal scale and mode patterns with which you can escape the confines of limited and overly-used vertical box shapes!

When you start using these powerful scale and mode patterns you will be able to freely and easily navigate the entire guitar fretboard.

You will quickly discover loads of new phrasings, runs and licks which will blast your playing skills and creativity into the next dimension!

FRETPAL revolutionizes digital guitar education with its vibrant and innovative approach, allowing you to customize your learning journey and ignite your creativity.

The boundaries of which are limited only by the depth of your imagination!


We’ve still only just scratched the surface of what FRETPAL can do for you!

Get ready to unlock new dimensions of musical creativity with FRETPAL’s revolutionary and very simple note visualization system.

No more will you be struggling to identify individual notes or locate the roots for any scale or mode formation you want to use.

With FRETPAL’s unique colour and shape system, everything will become crystal clear.

And if all that isn’t enough – there is much more amazing content in the FRETPAL app – it just keeps on giving!

Would you like to explore the exciting dimension of rich and exotic soundscapes by using MODAL PENTATONICS?

These relatively unused pathways across the guitar fretboard will spice up your playing and leave your listeners in awe!

And, especially for all you rock and blues aficionados out there…

The FRETPAL app also shows you how to blend the MAJOR and MINOR pentatonic scale in both vertical and diagonal formations all over the entire fretboard!

Using this technique, YOU can create your very own soul-stirring emotional phrasings and licks that will send shivers down your spine and stun your audience.


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The FRETPAL app contains a universe of musical possibilities and variations that you have probably never even dreamt about.

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