The FRETPAL application took over 30 years to conceive, design and construct. 

FRETPAL is a unique, innovative and FULLY interactive virtual guitar fretboard application – the likes of which you will not find anywhere else in the world. 

Unlike many other guitar applications that claim to be interactive, FRETPAL does NOT rely on arithmetical algorithms which pump out single synthetic scale patterns that are generated via awkward and often confusing drop-down menus.

Most other guitar applications produce single results that are only useful to the most advanced and experienced guitarists who understand where, when and how to use them effectively.

So, what is it that makes FRETPAL unique and FULLY interactive?

 FRETPAL inter-connects many thousands of INDIVIDUALLY drawn chord and chord inversion diagrams with their associated vertical AND diagonal scale and mode formations and displays them instantly, and at the same time, provides immediate access to multiple alternatives in any position on the fretboard within a few clicks.

 FRETPAL displays vertical and diagonal formations of all of the MODES of the MAJOR and MINOR scale, the MAJOR and MINOR pentatonic and BLUES scales and root and inverted arpeggio formations.

 For more expressive and professional phrasing and licks in rock and blues playing, FRETPAL shows you how to combine the MAJOR and MINOR pentatonic scale.

 As a special bonus, and for new, exciting and exotic sounds that you can add to your repertoire to spice up your playing, FRETPAL even shows you how to play MODAL pentatonic vertical and diagonal formations all over the entire guitar fretboard.

 The incredible level of functionality of the FRETPAL app was achieved by constructing a hugely complex web of hundreds of thousands of links between the many thousands of individually drawn screens of the app which were carefully designed to give quick and easy access to multiple scale, chord, mode, inversion and arpeggio formations and variations all over the entire guitar fretboard.

FRETPAL does all of this and much, much more – everything is accessible with only a few taps or clicks of the mouse which produce instant and easy access to multiple variation results without frequent time-consuming returns to drop-down menus for alternatives.

Developing the initial concept of what the FRETPAL app would do was straightforward enough.

However, the reality of actually making the app was a nightmare.

The process began by designing and painstakingly drawing every one of the many thousands of unique and individual diagrams.

 After that, everything had to be arranged and inserted into thousands of individual screens which  were then inter-linked into a huge labyrinth of logically inter-connecting pages.

All of this work was not only hugely labour intensive, but also mind-blowingly complicated.

It was like completing a jigsaw with millions of pieces.

At times, it was like trying to empty an ocean using only a teaspoon.

While developing FRETPAL, it was very important that it had to be organised and presented in a highly USER-FRIENDLY and logical way, which was both simple and intuitive to learn how to use, and therefore of the most use to beginner, intermediate and advanced guitarists alike.

Also, it was vital that every screen in the app contained multiple links that all give RAPID and EASY access to every other scale, chord, mode, inversion or arpeggio formation within the same key AND in the same, alternative, parallel, adjacent or adjoining positions up and down the entire guitar fretboard, all of which would be accessible within one or two taps of the finger or clicks of the mouse.

No other guitar fretboard application has anything similar to these features or such deep levels of functionality.

 Now, and after many years of hard work, the amazing FRETPAL app is complete.

My eternal love and gratitude goes to Elena, my devoted and long-suffering wife, whose patience, understanding and encouragement kept me going with FRETPAL when I most needed it – without her by my side, I would never even have started the FRETPAL project, let alone complete it.

By the way, I am delighted to tell you that the FRETPAL app turned out to be better (and way more powerful) than I had originally hoped!

It is my firm belief that FRETPAL will help you to master the guitar fretboard FASTER and MORE COMPLETELY than any other system, application, book or any other medium available anywhere in the world.